Porsche Connect: Synergy Between Car, Technology and Driver

Porsche Interior
Porsche Car Connect, or simply, Porsche Connect is an infotainment service offered by Porsche to the owners of its luxury … 0 2

Step Into Your Dreams at the Porsche Driving Facility in LA

Porsche racing at high speed with blur motion
If you have ever imagined getting behind the wheel of a Porsche and taking it to its limits, you may … 0 6

Perfection Redefined: Teaser of the 911 RSR

In early 2016, Porsche began testing the Porsche 911 RSR at their Weissach testing center in anticipation of its 2017 … 0 9

Which Fiat 500 Is a Convertible?

2016 Fiat 500c
The Fiat 500C four-position retractable soft-top convertible cuts a fairly small foot, is fun to drive, handles well, offers a … 0 9

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