2017 Corvette vs. 2017 911

2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S

The Porsche 911

Designed for the German style of driving and capable of handling both fast shots across the Autobahn and the curve-hugging challenges of the Alps and mountain roads, the 911 is a compact rear-engine assembly that springs from road edge to road edge as quickly as the driver can handle. The car comes with a choice of rear or all-wheel drive, convertible, or solid body, as well as 14 different colors to suit customer tastes. The 2017 911 has four seats, with the back two best suited for either children or a briefcase and overnight bag.

The Corvette

A long-bodied roadster with a full engine block firmly seated under the front hood, the Corvette is designed for road driving at speed, only providing enough room for two in the front and no luggage to speak of. The corvette has both a convertible and solid roof choice, a standard and high performance choice in engines, and both automatic and manual transmissions.

Where They Meet Up

Both cars, interestingly, are about the same size in physical length. In terms of speed and go, both cars hits 60 mph in approximately 4 seconds. A stopwatch will give the Corvette an edge of 0.3 of a second. And at the $100,000 mark, the 911 Carrera S is dead on at 3.7 seconds. Go for the top of the line models and both cars are now under 3 seconds flat.

Where the Cars Sit Apart

Clearly, the 911 variants pump out a notably stronger level of 650 horsepower while the Corvette V8 is topped at 455. And the Porsche reaches the finish line faster with extremely good handling. More notably, however, is how balanced the entire car design is to work together. The 2017 Corvette has come a long way to be far more comfortable, but the Porsche 911 is a refinement of years of experience in building a fast car right.

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