Why the Pagani Huayra is the Upper Echelon of Hypercars

Pagani Huayra at night

Like its predecessor the Zonda, the Pagani Huayra is a stunning example of the finest Italian engineering. Introduced in 2011, the mid-engine hypercar features a 6.0L Mercedes AMG M158 V12 Twin Turbo engine, gullwing doors, and four aerodynamic airbrake-type flaps at the corners of the car to balance drag coefficient and downforce. With 730 horsepower, 738 lb.-ft. of torque, and a top speed of 230 MPH, the wing-shaped wedge that is the Huayra is a perfect choice for passionate drivers seeking to add something truly unique to their collection.

4 Important Facts That Demonstrate the Upper Echelon Quality of Pagani

Taking inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s idea that art and science are disciplines that can co­exist beautifully, here are four facts that make the Pagani Huayra a unique expression of automotive engineering.

Pagani Huayra internal view

Inspiration Behind its Namesake

Wind is the natural element inspiring the Pagani Huayra’s design. Even the namesake goes along with the theme, as the supercar is named after the South American Quechua wind god, Huayra-tata, replacing the working design name of “C9.”  Elegance of wind movements and the violence and force that wind can unleash is evident when drivers take the wheel. During acceleration, drivers experience the power reminiscent of a jet turbine while at the same time effortlessly gliding through space.

Humble, Child-inspired Beginning

Horacio Pagani has designed cars even before he reached his adolescent years. When he was 12, he designed his first Silver GT model car out of Balsa wood. Enthusiasts can see the humble beginning on display at the Pagani Showroom.

Single Disc Clutch

The Pagani Huayra does not use a traditional dual-clutch because it leads to a weight increase. By using a seven-speed sequential gearbox and a single disc clutch, the entire transmission of the Pagani Huayra weighs only 210 pounds.

Pagani Huayra

In-house Production

Instead of utilizing a factory assembly line model for vehicle production, Pagani Huayras are designed and assembled in-house. The engine is the only component not produced in-house, but it is still developed with customized specifications. Every detail is made just for the Huayra, and drivers appreciate such granular level of bespoke detail.

Pagani engine

The Auto Gallery Pagani: The Official Los Angeles Pagani Dealer

Discerning and inspired car collectors can express interest in a Pagani Huayra. Being placed on a Huayra interest list is the first introduction into the exquisite world of automotive ingenuity at its finest. For more information, please visit The Auto Gallery Pagani on Wiltshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills, California, close to the famous Rodeo Drive.

Pagani Huayra wide open

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