4 Reasons Why the Pagani Huayra’s Interior Will Make You Car Crazy

2017 Pagani Huayra Interior

There are cars that cause one’s jaw to drop and then there are cars that can be considered works of art. The extraordinary Pagani Huayra is one of the few cars that falls into the latter category. While the exterior of the supercar is breathtaking, Pagani has set the bar for high-end performance cars with the Huayra’s interior.

While the majority of high-performance supercars utilize high-tech materials, Pagani has arranged leather, titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum in way that is reminiscent of a 16th century drawing, but still has 21st century features. After getting a peek at the incredible interior, enthusiasts will be transported to a different time — and here are the four qualities that this car’s interior can make any enthusiast short of breath.

Pagani Stresses Details, Details, Details.


The first quality that sets the Huayra’s interior apart from other cars is its simplicity. While other automakers hide the natural beauty of materials, Pagani celebrates them. Take for instance the Huayra’s gauges that are made out of a single piece of aluminum and the carbon-fiber dash. Not only do these materials make the supercar extremely light, but they also provide passengers with premium touches.


The second quality that stands out about the Huayra is its gorgeous seats. While leather seats may not be anything new for a car, Pagani has fitted the supercar with leather that is not only extremely soft, but also durable. The automaker tested the seats for an entire year and put them through hundreds of tests to ensure that the leather met its demands. Owners of vehicles with leather upholstery will certainly want to consider getting a leather car conditioner to care for their interior and keep it looking its best for longer.


The automaker focuses on the tiniest of details, which is the third quality of the Huayra’s interior that will make any enthusiast blush. The seats, which are hard to miss, sit upon a carbon-fiber bracket, while the pedals are made out of aluminum. There’s even an overhead switch box with a red launch control switch that provides the driver with all of the Huayra’s power. It’s this kind of attention to the little details that makes the supercar distinguished.


Pagani didn’t reinvent the car, but it has created one that rethinks what regular parts should look like. A prime example of this is the Huayra’s metal shifter. Made out of 67 exposed parts, the shifter provides drivers with the ability to see all of the inner workings of the mechanism. It may just be a way for drivers to go through the gears, but Pagani has made it something of an occasion.

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