5 Reasons the McLaren 570S Is the Most Tempting Sports Car

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McLaren recently debuted the 570S Coupé, the first and highest-powered vehicle in the newly launched Sports Series. Focusing on the sports car market rather than the supercar market, a new approach for McLaren, this dramatic and beautiful sports car is one of the premier vehicles.

A perfect entry point into the McLaren world, the 570S retains the core design and dynamic focus of McLarens, ensuring its worthiness to boast the iconic name.

5 Key Characteristics Create the Most Admirable Coupé

McLAren 570s on the road

The 570S enjoys hallmark elements found in supercars while dominating the sports car segment. Five key characteristics demonstrate how the 570S is a totally driver-focused car.

  1. Aerodynamics and Design

With key design features, such as elegant flying buttresses, dihedral doors, and a concave rear window, the 570S brings a unique look to the sports car segment while maintaining a clear McLaren identity. Body lines have a shrink-wrapped design, maximizing the efficiency of the front bumper’s pronounced point, allowing air to flow in four directions over, under, and through the bodywork.

  1. Minimized Weight

Every McLaren has a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, making it strong and stiff. Weighing in at around 176 pounds, the carbon fiber chassis provides more stability in a crash and greater agility while driving. The majority of body panels are made from aluminum, using a special process called “Superform” that blows hot aluminum over a mold, resulting in intricate, detailed designs without adding on extra weight.

McLaren 570s build out.

  1. Craftsmanship

McLaren cars display incredible craftsmanship. A team of experts at the iconic McLaren Technology Center alongside the Formula 1™ team operations designed and engineered each model in the new Sports Series. The state-of-the-art McLaren Production Center is where every car is hand-built, taking 188 human hours to build by a team of 370 highly trained assembly and quality technicians.


  1. Usability

The 570S is designed for everyday use. Drivers find comforting accommodations in the long and wide cabin interior. Optimized forward visibility is found through pillar design, while a front luggage compartment and well-appointed interior features create an inviting space for any journey.

  1. Driving Involvement

A 3.8-L twin turbo V8 engine features 30% elements new to the 570S and produces 562bhp and 443 lb.-ft.of torque. With a seven-speed twin-clutch seamless shift gearbox and mid-engine rear-wheel drive usually found in supercars, the extremely powerful and efficient 570S allows a wide range of drivers to enjoy all this model has to offer.

Discover a McLaren 570S at The McLaren Auto Gallery

McLaren Auto Gallery offers a large selection of luxury and exotic cars, including the 2016 McLaren 570S. If you are interested in learning about how the 2016 McLaren 570S demonstrates the finest qualities in the Sports Series, come by one of our three locations in Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, and Calabasas.

McLAren 570s on the road McLAren 570s on the road
McLaren 570s build out. McLaren 570s build out.
McLaren Auto Gallery Beverly Hills McLaren Auto Gallery Beverly Hills
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