9:11 Magazine Is Video Bliss for Porsche Enthusiasts

Porsche 911 R

For enthusiasts that can’t get enough of Porsche, the brand has upped the ante once again.

The famed car manufacturer has released a new web TV series titled 9:11 Magazine that showcases material both educational and entertaining about all things Porsche. Everything from the unveiling of new cars to the history of the brand will be chronicled in a series of videos that serve as a supplement to Porsche’s customer magazine, Christophorus. Each episode follows a theme and lasts 9 minutes and 11 seconds, an homage to the classic Porsche 911.

But 9:11 Magazine isn’t solely for Porsche fans to get their kicks. Individual segments as well as entire episodes and bonus material is available for journalistic use in both English and German. The online TV series is just the latest vertical for the Porsche Newsroom, which features a corporate blog, online magazine, and social media hub.

The first two episodes are now available to view. The debut episode, with the theme “Courage,” opens by highlighting world champion rally car driver Walter Rohrl and the most challenging day of his career. The episode then shifts to explore the most stylish—and daring—exterior colors. In the next segment, Porsche explains its historical decision to place the engine in the front of its transaxle model series for the first time. Lastly, viewers are taken on a breathtaking tour of the Scottish countryside in the new Porsche Panamera. 

The second episode has the theme “Pure,” and leads off with an introduction to distinguished Porsche rally car competitor Dr. Erik Brandenburg, who has personally built over 20 modified 911 cars. It then provides a glimpse at the inner workings of a Carrera 3.2 engine filmed in a visually fascinating stop-motion time-lapse format. Next, viewers are taken on a journey through Porsche’s historical archive, which includes original personal documents from Ferdinand Porsche, some five million photographs, and five-thousand hours of film footage that put end to end would reach two kilometers in length. The episode concludes by providing an inside look at the secret car warehouse of the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Because the product is funded entirely by Porsche, there are no commercials to sit through.  

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