A Hellcat-Powered Fiat 500? Yes, You Read That Right!

Fiat 500

Don’t worry, you’re not going insane. You read that headline right. Several 2017 Fiat 500 models will carry a Hellcat, meaning availability will be extremely limited.

How is this possible? Well, it’s not the first time someone has shoved a massive engine into a ridiculously small car. Fiat, as you’re probably aware, is part of FCA LLC, who also own Dodge. The Fiat 500 and the Dodge Hellcat are therefore cousins, making the engine swap a matter of common sense.

An Engineering Nightmare

Although shoehorning a large engine into a tiny car seems relatively straightforward on paper, it’s anything but in reality.

Naturally, the engine will sit behind the two front seats, making this operation next to impossible. The Fiat 500s will be completely stripped down so that engineers can design a new firewall and produce the engine brackets that will hold it in place. The entire idea originated as a joke, but Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler, liked it so much that he commissioned the project with intent to purchase one for himself.

Standard Fiat 500s produce around 100 horsepower from their 1.4-liter four-cylinder, making the 700 horsepower Hellcat engine a 700% increase. We’re pretty sure it’s a case of modeling the Fiat around the massive engine rather than simply fitting the engine inside it, but there you have it.

Will it be drivable? This really depends on how they sort the issue of small tires, suspension, and ride height. Owners had to pre-pay with cash, and it’s apparently already sold out, though if you really want one, talk to Fiat. We’re sure they can sort it out for you. Just imagine the possibilities. Cruising down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Trolling supercars left and right in a Fiat 500. If that’s not fun, nothing is.

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