A Look Inside the Factory Where They Make Pagani Huayra Engines

A Pagani Huayra engine in the lobby of AMG's factory in Germany.

Driving a Pagani Huayra is a singular experience. It follows that building a Huayra engine is also a singular experience, one that only two people know.

That talented duo reside in Germany, where they build custom engines in Mercedes-AMG’s factory in Affalterbach. The plant’s main export are the V8 engines used in most production AMG models. Handbuilt in a matter of hours, they are among the finest engines on the road.

The absolute finest engines are the V12 powerplants destined to reside in a Pagani Huayra. Building those takes almost a full day.

Custom Tuned Pagani Huayra BC Engine May Deliver More than 800 HP

Road & Track’s Chris Perkins recently toured the Affalterbach factory, where he met one of the two mechanics responsible for building all Pagani engines. The exclusiveness of the Pagani marque ensures it’s a rare work order, but when the need arises, these dedicated hands are on the job.

According to Perkins, AMG has actually moved most of its V12 production to another facility so that the Affalterbach plant can focus on V8 engines.

As a rule, Pagani is the exception. The Huayra is still built where AMG calls home, a testament to a partnership that has lasted since Pagani started in 1999.

The engine for the Huayra BC will give AMG’s technicians a new challenge. Pagani is finalizing specifications on a unit that will test their limitations and expertise. According to the Road & Track article, sources from Pagani discussed an engine that will make 800 or more horsepower. That’s a significant increase in estimate from our original overview of the BC’s specs back in the spring.

The Huayra BC is a special car commemorating Pagani’s first customer, Benny Caiola. It represents the level of innovation, artistry, and dedication to drivers that other brands cannot hope to achieve. Each Pagani is made to order and sold to the right customer in Beverly Hill, California.

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