Accessorize! The FIAT 500X is the most personalizable SUV Ever!

FIAT with kayak and bicycle on roof rack

The front-engine Fiat 500X is a spunky 5-door hatchback SUV for fun loving go-getters who want a solid, reliable partner on the road. The 500X is bulkier and more grown-up than its 500 sibling. It offers more space and comes with more advanced safety features, but it’s still a fun car, through and through.

The awesome 500X gives you more options to personalize it as your own than any other car in the segment. The SUV comes with a long list of affordable and high-quality accessories – over 100 in total.

Including cargo carriers, the list includes a number of racks and carriers that suit the needs of every family or group of adventurers. A 13-cubic foot roof mount cargo carrier provides more than enough storage and stability for when you are traveling with precious cargo on a bumpy road, and a smaller roof-mount luggage carrier is also available if you are a light traveler.

This Fiat SUV is your best companion if you have a thing for adventure. The options are wide when it comes to the different models of roof bike carriers. Both upright-mount roof bike carriers and fork-mount roof bike carriers are available to secure your bike for that cycling trip you’ve been long waiting for. The even more adventurous outdoorsman or outdoorswoman might be interested in a kayak carrier, surfboard carrier, or snowboard carrier. The 500X can do it all!

Your Fiat 500X can be uniquely yours

The 500X offers three different premium mats to keep the interior of your car clean and elegant, and splash guards are available for the doors. The car also has a wide range of covers. Everything from molding covers to mirror covers is available in a range of bright colors. In addition, Fiat 500X badges, graphics, and wheels are all available from your Fiat dealer.

This stellar range of accessories means the 500X SUV is not only a reliable car to take you where you need to go, but it can also be your own customized piece of art.

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