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Alfa Romeo to Unleash New Sports Cars, Crossovers and Sedans in the U.S.

White Alfa Romeo 4C

For over 10 years, many American Alfa Romeo enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated the reintroduction of the Alfa Romeo back into the United States market. With a lot of talk and very little in the way of progress, it seemed  the company might not follow through on its promise to return to a market ravenous for the automaker’s high quality, top performing sports and luxury vehicles.

After nearly 20 years without a new American model , Alfa Romeo CEO Sergio Marchionne has finally announced his decision: Alfa Romeo is coming back to the United States.

The company is revamping its brand, heavily relying on Fiat, Chrysler and Mazda partnerships for the logistics involved in releasing top-performing sports and luxury models into foreign markets. Alfa Romeo is ready to roll out models to the entire world.

New Alfa Romeo Sedans, Crossovers, Sports Cars and Coupes Are on Their Way to the U.S.

First to arrive will be the American-made Giulia, a sports sedan built with the speed and style to rival the Audi A4.

America can also expect to see a crossover/SUV from the Italian carmaker. Touted as a Volkswagen-sized SUV, it promises high performance and quality at a reasonable cost.

In the coming months Alfa Romeo will be releasing a high-performance sports car and a coupe to the American market: the Duetto Sports Car and the 4C Coupe Roadster. Oh, and expect a Spider!

Alfa Romeo’s absence from the American market has left an emptiness that enthusiasts have felt for two decades. It will be a reassuring comfort to have top performing Alfa Romeo models rolling out of showrooms across the country once again.

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