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Alfa Romeo Badging: A History of Excellence

Closeup of Alpha Romeo badging on a red vehicle.

Ready for a history lesson? The Alfa Romeo logo you know and respect wasn’t built in a day. Look at the badge, and you’ll probably notice a few things—most obviously a snake and a cross. This crest is over a century old, and the meaning is derived from history and folklore of Milan, where the luxury vehicle was originally built in the 1900s.

The brand with a passion for producing quality cars used this same passion in developing the badge, starting with the foundation of the company in 1910. The serpent and the cross made the very first badge design, with the familiar serpent and cross coat of arms wrapped in the first company name “Alfa-Milano.”

New company ownership came in 1920, and with it came the new company name: Alfa Romeo. Still, the badge kept the mark of its founder, with the crest surrounded by text reading “Alfa-Romeo Milano.” Soon after the ownership change, a golden laurel crown was added to the badge.

In 1946, the machines used to produce the badges were destroyed by war and the badge became a solid red for four years before the proclamation of the republic, and with it, the restoration of the original colors in the logo. 1950 was the year of the final logo update before “Milano” was dropped from the badge, and the current brand name was publicly recognized.

Introducing: The Alfa Romeo

The opening of a new Alfa Romeo plant in Pomigliano d’Arco brought the end of the presence of the founder’s name in the Alfa Romeo badge in 1972. Between this time and 2015, only minor changes were made to the logo, including the removal of the laurel wreath and the change to Alfa Romeo’s current typeface, Futura.

In 2015, the badge you’ll find on all of our Alfa Romeo models was finalized. With attention to detail, color and size, the current Alfa Romeo badge brings contemporary charm to over a century of history.

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