Audi Truck Designers Dare to Imagine the Future of the Semi

Protoype of a possible self driving Audi truck.

While the auto industry’s best and brightest are focused on developing self-driving vehicles, a lot of thought is being given to the best uses for this technology. Large trucks, passenger vehicles, and commercial fleets are all prime candidates for autonomy. Safety and efficiency are key targets for improvement, and self-driving capability could help engineers reach those goals.

Two independent designers took it upon themselves to imagine what self-driving trucks from Audi might look like. Given their inspiration, it’s no surprise that the resulting concepts are unreal.

Is One of These Designs the Next Generation of Audi Truck?

The designs featured in this video from Tech Insider are conceptualizations created by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko.

The first truck is a hyper-stylized version of trucks as we know them. The exterior is monolithic with flat surfaces and sharp angles. The back of the cab forms a diagonal that melds perfectly with the trailer. Long, red brake lights feature prominently along rear-facing surfaces, contrasting sharply with the rest of the white and silver truck.

The second design is designated as a “truck show car” and is much more far-out. While the first concept is all angles, the second is rounded along every edge and corner. It’s styled as a tanker with a cylindrical trailer. The huge leap comes at the passenger cab, which has no windshield to speak of. Instead, the driver and a co-pilot have cockpit-style seating on top of the cab with their heads open to the sky.

The designers gave the drivers jet-fighter style outfits, complete with helmets and oxygen masks. Given these are meant to be self-driving concepts, it’s not clear what role the designers envision for these overseers. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool.

Smirnov and Panchenko also intended these trucks to be fully electric in addition to autonomous. Moving to electrified cargo haulers would be a great way to reduce carbon emissions and lower the environmental impact of commercial vehicles.

While neither of these designs reflect genuine plans from Audi, it is always exciting to see what talented fans come up with and daydream about what the future holds.

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