Blisteringly-Fast McLaren P1 LM Sets Goodwood Hill Record

Kenny Brack in the McLaren LM Supercar at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Ever since the introduction of the McLaren F1, the innovative company has set the standard for high performance automobiles. The F1 was not originally destined to be a track machine, but a modified F1 still won some prestigious races up against dedicated race cars, notably the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. It has ranked highly in the minds of enthusiasts everywhere, with some calling its creation “the greatest automotive achievement of all time.” Only in production for six years, the 106 F1s produced by McLaren are among the most desirable vehicles ever created, and they count numerous luminary figures among their owners.

Following the incredible reception of their first major production vehicle, the team at McLaren soon began work on what would become the P1, a hybrid supercar that debuted in 2012. All 375 models in the production run of the long awaited successor to the F1 sold out immediately, as dazzled enthusiasts sensibly snapped them up.

The LM model, based on the track-only GTR, produces 987 bhp, goes from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds and can hit a top speed in excess of 225 mph. With modified aerodynamic and 40% more downforce than the base model, and it can hold an astonishing 1.54 Gs while cornering.

McLaren P1 Destroys Goodwood Hill Track Record

The P1 LM was one of the first cars to make an appearance at this year’s UK Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it left a lasting impression, blistering up the track to set a new record for road legal cars. It blazed up Goodwill Hill in just 47.07 seconds, beating the previous record by more than 2 seconds. The previous record was set in 2014 by a Nissan GTR Nismo, and sat unchallenged before being crushed by the new offering from McLaren.

Driven by the very capable Kenny Brack, a former Indy 500 winner, he achieved a speed of 135 mph when coming across the finish line. These limited production run, barely street legal cars are devastatingly fast in the hands of a professional, but have plenty of power and finesse to make even the average driver feel like a seasoned racer.

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