Bold and Proud: The Top 5 Porsche Colors of All Time

Acid Green Porsche 911 GT3 RS on a showroom floor.

Many things set Porsche apart as one of the most innovative and beloved sports car manufacturers ever. The distinctive shape of their vehicles, the relentless engineering improvements, the care and thought given to every part of the interior appointments. Each Porsche is in a class all its own. Avid enthusiasts and collectors can tell a year and model from a simple glance, denoting distinguishing features like the headlight shape or the inclusion of a wing or simple aero.

Much like the various models on offer that are coveted by sports car enthusiasts, many people favor a certain color. With Porsche there are so many gorgeous painted finishes it’s hard to choose a favorite.

We’d like to talk for a moment on a few of the company’s most famous, most interesting, and even a bit odd choices that they gave buyers over the years – as not everyone wants black, white, or gray.

Porsche Colors Through The Years

  • Riviera Blue – This deep and stunning bright blue flows gently around the car’s body like the cool water for which it was named. A touch of neon, just a little pastel, and definitely bright and eye catching, this classic blue hue looks amazing on everything from the Boxster to a 918. It even appears to be a different shade when viewed from certain angles or in changing lighting conditions, bringing the finish to life.
  • Speed Yellow – Probably the most aptly named of all the Porsche colors, these sunshine tinted machines look fast even when they’re sitting still. The long running Porsche yellow looks great on everything from 70s classics to the aggressive 2017 911, and it is impossible to ignore. These cars pop with color, and let’s face it, if you’re buying a $100,000+ speed machine it might as well look the part.
  • Acid Green – Acid may be able to burn the skin, but these blindingly green cars can seemingly burn the retinas. A cross between neon green and light neon green, what started off as an accent color reserved for details like badging and brake calipers was quickly coopted as a paint choice by a few owners, and the results were stunning. Reserved by Porsche for hybrid vehicles only, this hasn’t stopped a few enterprising car nuts from getting the color matched and going to town on their classic Porsches.
  • Rubystone Red – One of the most interesting colors ever offered by Porsche, Rubystone Red seems to constantly evolve from a bright pink to a deep purple and finally to a reddish tone before a shift in light or the car rips by and suddenly it is pink again. Incredibly rare and hard to find, Rubystone Red was introduced in 1991 and has been sparingly used ever since.
  • Zanzibar Red – A more classic shade of red here from Porsche, but still one with its own quirks and benefits. Zanzibar appears to be deep red in dim lighting but then undergoes a shift to an almost orange metallic as the sun falls on it. Not quite as rare as some other colors, a Zanzibar Red Porsche is nevertheless infrequently seen in person. Photographs hardly do the pearlescent color changing paint justice.

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