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Faster Lap Times with the New Porsche GT Track Precision App

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Drivers of Porsche GT sports cars are inextricably drawn to the track, a place where they can test the limits of their new Porsche and challenge their own driving abilities. To aid in the pursuit of excellence, Porsche has now created a sophisticated app, Porsche Track Precision, which is designed to help drivers monitor and improve their progress through data logging and analysis.

The Porsche Track Precision app is available in the GT’s Sport Chrono Package, an option only available on the 911 GT3, 911 GTS RS, and the Cayman GT4. Owners of one of these current-generation Porsche models can get the Track Precision app retrofitted by Porsche Equipment at a Porsche Center.

The app utilizes data from an auxiliary control unit, a smartphone’s high-resolution camera, and GPS, allowing drivers to analyze their driving style and lap times with the help of video and measured data.

Simply download the app, select your preferred track from a choice of 60 international pre-installed tracks, affix your phone to the windscreen, and the app will begin recording automatically once you pass the start line. Data is easily stored with the tap of a finger once a lap is completed. Adding custom tracks to the database is possible with the included map editor and can even be created by driving a lap of the track.

The Porsche Track Precision app offers Unprecedented Pro Analysis of your Driving

An optional lap trigger is available, for even more accurate data. The trigger is a transmitter that is placed next to the start line, and will trigger a receiver placed in the vehicle’s rear window to start and stop recording at the exact moment the driver passes by.

The app records and visualizes performance related to steering, traction, and acceleration in all directions. The display indicates lap times, individual sector times, and highlights points of deviation from a reference lap. You can compare your performance against a ghost car. The video analysis of each lap can be easily reviewed, allowing you to improve your performance every lap.

The Porsche Track Precision app makes later comparisons easy, with the option of an animated cockpit with a steering wheel that synchronizes with the video. Speed, gear, angle, brake position, acceleration, G-force, traction, and understeer and oversteer are all displayed, for an unprecedented look at your Porsche and your driving.

The accuracy of transmission and data collection is ensured by a control unit that acquires all the data from the car. You can choose whether to use the GPS from a mobile device, from the vehicle, or from an external GPS unit.

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