How to Select the Porsche Best Fit for You

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With so many amazing Porsches available, how do you know which Porsche is the perfect fit for you? If you ask yourself a few questions, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to a few of your favorites. Find out the answers to some questions below to get started on your search for the perfect Porsche.

5 Questions to Consider When Determining the Right Porsche For You

When selecting a Porsche, car owners want a car worthy of the coat of arms marque that will proudly announce to the world you are driving the very best display of German engineering the auto world has ever seen. When you ask yourself some questions, you can funnel your choices to end up with the perfect Porsche to fit your lifestyle.

What body style would you like?

From coupes to cabriolets and sedans to SUVs, Porsches come in a variety of body styles. Think about how you will primarily use your Porsche.

  • Is this a pleasure vehicle for weekend drives?
  • Do you want an everyday car?
  • Will your entire family be riding, or do you want only enough space for intimate conversation with someone close to you?

Deciding the body style that is a best fit for your intentions is the first step when deciding on the right Porsche for you.

Do you want a rare Porsche for your collection?

This type of buyer might want a special edition Porsche or a rare gem that only presents itself once in a lifetime, like owning Janis Joplin’s 356C cultural icon for $1.76 million or the 1982 Porsche 956, Overall Winner of the 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans, which sold for $10,120,000. These Porsches fetch a hefty price, which leads us to our next question.

What is your price point?

Porsches come in a variety of price points, and it’s possible to get a great deal on a fantastic Porsche without blowing your bank account. Unlike other vehicles, a pre-owned Porsche in no way equates with automatic depreciation. In contrast, the pricing of a Porsche depends on several factors, so it’s important to have a price range in mind to narrow down your options.

Would you like a modern or vintage Porsche?

Modern, brand-new Porsches sport state-of-the-art technology, showcasing the most advanced German engineering available to fit cars to perform equally on the racetrack as it does on curvy roads. When you buy a modern Porsche, you know you’ll be investing in the best the marque has to offer. Vintage, classic Porsches may come in a variety of conditions, so you can decide if you want to find one to fix up or buy one already restored. If you do go for vintage, they can hold perennial value if you select a popular vintage model with rising popularity.  

Do you have a preference on how your engine is cooled?  

If you are looking for an air-cooled Porsche, you’ll need to find Porsches made before 1998, when Porsches switched to water-cooled engines. An air-cooled Porsche is much enjoyed by purists because there is nothing quite like revving the engine and hearing the release of its guttural note. In fact, most enthusiasts would agree that at least driving an air-cooled Porsche once in your lifetime should be on every Porsche lover’s bucket list.

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