Introducing the Incredible Porsche 911 Gemballa, the Ultimate Performance Car

Porsche Gemballa Avalanche

Gemballa is a German automobile tuning company that has been refining high-end performance vehicles such as Porsches since 1981. Their most recent project is perhaps their greatest achievement to date, an amazing modified Porsche 911 known as the Avalanche.

This supercar takes the already impressive capabilities of the Porsche 911 to an unprecedented level. The 540 horsepower engine has been upgraded to an incredible 809 horsepower, while the torque goes from 516 to 709 lb.-ft. Custom turbochargers and intake manifolds round out the upgrades, along with reworked cylinder heads and a high performance air filter.

Gemballa made their creation a true rolling work of art. Painted in a searing purple color, the body is modified with rear fender extensions featuring extra vents, and 4 chrome exhausts appearing below a tri-plane rear spoiler. Carbon fiber skirts on the side of the car improve its driving stability, and the fenders have been widened to make room for the larger tires, which are mounted on 21-inch gold wheels.

Inside, the seats in this racing machine are upholstered in two-tone black and white leather, featuring Alcantara accents along with a carbon trim. The dashboard itself also alternates in black and white for a highly stylish look. The gauges are laid out in a driver-oriented pattern, letting you watch as the speedometer and tachometer hit numbers most drivers have never seen.

A New Level of Power

Owning the Gemballa Porsche 911 Avalanche would be a dream come true to any automotive enthusiast, although for most people a dream is the closest they will come to this beauty. With an estimated price tag of $416,755 (before taxes), the future owner of this masterpiece is sure to treasure it for years to come.

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