Last of a Legend: Audi V8 to be Phased Out in Favor of e-Tron

An Audi V8 FSI engine inside an Audi A5.

Many automotive enthusiasts know that Audi will no longer be producing their ubiquitous 4.2-liter V8 in the near future, but what hasn’t been widely publicized is the fact that the company will be phasing out larger engines altogether.

Considering the success they’ve had with this engine type and the wide fan-base it has acquired, this news may be surprising to some. However, an Audi insider confirmed to Autocar that the new range would probably be the last eight-cylinder that the public can expect from the manufacturer.


He revealed that Audi will be heavily investing in battery-electric vehicles, hoping to have between 25-35 percent of their production devoted to these environmentally friendly options by 2025.

Audi V8 Sunsetting Leaves Path for e-Tron Platform

Currently, the company is focusing on their “e-Tron” platform, which includes a number of concepts for electric mobility, from purely electric to an electric quattro powertrain. The e-Tron concept includes a home charger, a carbon offset program, and solar panel installation.

Audi has partnered with 3Degrees for their carbon-offset program, which allows them to fund conservation efforts to compensate for the emissions created with the production of their vehicles. These conservation measures include things such as reforestation and combating greenhouse gas buildup in the atmosphere.

Currently, the A3 and R8 models offer plug-in hybrid capabilities. They can operate on electric or gas power, or a combination of both. There’s no sacrificing power, either, because the e-Tron platform allows for an impressive 207 hp.

It may provide some consolation to fans of the V8 engine that it’s going out on a high note, as it will be used in a number of high-end vehicles from other manufacturers. As the focus shifts away from gas-powered engines toward the cleaner, eco-friendly vehicles of the future, Audi plans to step forward and take the lead in this market. Audi will continue to offer the best in power, performance, and luxury to its customers.
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