Maserati Becomes The World’s First Android Car

Automakers strive to improve the connectivity between our technology and our cars. Italian auto company, Maserati, has now partnered with Android’s original creator Google to deliver the world’s first Android car. Google initially announced plans to create an Android car in 2014, and the wait is over. The final product points to the future of in-car interface systems, as it could be the underlying framework used on future millions of cars.

The Maserati Android Concept Car combines the innovative Android platform that has redefined mobile communications with the luxury and performance that people have come to expect from Maserati. While still a concept car, it is a view into the very near future of what to expect from Android Auto and Maserati.

Maserati Android Car: The Future of Human-Automobile Interaction?

So, what does the Maserati Android offer that makes it such a technological breakthrough? To put it simply, it offers features that have never before been possible thanks to increased integration with the car’s systems, along with some improvements on features that we cannot live without.

The in-dash screen has become a staple for automobile owners. It has allowed them to make phone calls, plan trips, play their favorite songs and get traffic reports. This new screen can still perform all those functions, only faster and in HD. By pairing Android technology with the Maserati, it created a car that is able to sync the Maserati with supported apps and mirror them onto a screen on the dashboard, giving the driver a plethora of options and information that is easily accessible.

Where the Maserati Android interface excels is its more tight integration with the car as a whole. It is the additional features that make it really impressive. Control the temperature of your seat warmers, set your air conditioning, configure cruise control, and manage almost anything that would normally have to use a switch or dial in your car to operate.

Note that the bottom of the screen looks like the home screen of any Android Phone. There are five touch-enabled buttons that will take you to Navigation, Phone, Home Screen, Audio/Multimedia and System Apps. All of this is delivered to you on a 13-inch HD screen and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 828 chipset.

Maserati, once again, has proven to be at the forefront of car tech. Visit Maserati Auto Gallery in Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, and Van Nuys for an up close and personal Maserati experience. For more updates on Maserati’s innovations, subscribe to our newsletter.

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