Maserati Teams Up With Royal Academy Of Arts To Celebrate Art

Maserati and Royal Academy of Arts Auto Gallery

Italian automaker Maserati and the Royal Academy of Arts have teamed up to celebrate a crucial moment in Venetian artistry. The automaker has decided to support the museum’s exhibit “In the Age of Giogione,” which showcases Italian art at the start of the 16th century.

The art exhibit showcases pieces from the first decade of the 1500s, placing an emphasis on the highly influential painter Giorgione, who would become well renowned during his lifetime. His paintings beautifully capture landscapes, religious creations, and portraitures, utilizing a variety of colors to perfectly convey a romantic perspective of life. Attendees can find his masterpieces on display near other incredible artists like Giovanni Bellini and Titian.

As a sponsor, Maserati will host an exclusive event for Friends of the Royal Academy of Arts to showcase Italian elegance, food, art, as well as jazz. This partnership was spawned from the admiration for its vehicles designs as a form of artisanal brilliance. In fact, art has played a significant role for Maserati since its inception; one of the founding Maserati brothers, Mario, was an artist by trade and is credited with creating the iconic Trident symbol—representing vigor and strength—that now adorns the automaker’s lineup.

Besides the well-known Maserati badge, the Italian automaker’s cars are iconic for curving lines and refined materials, evoking the true spirit of Italy. But it’s not just what you feel and touch on a daily basis that has underpinnings of art, the brand’s high-performance engines, like a 4.7L V8 and twin-turbo 3.0L V6, embody the craftsmanship that speak to the automaker’s humble beginnings.

Just like the rich paintings that will be featured on display at the Royal Academy of Arts, Maserati’s bold and elegant styling pays homage to Italian artists from yesteryear. With history dating back to 1900, Maserati is one of Italy’s oldest automakers and has upheld the country’s standards of beauty in all of its vehicles.

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