McLaren 570s wins 2016 Motor Trend Best Driver’s Car Award

Yeloow McLaren 570S on race track

Motor Trend is a world renowned authority on automobiles. Every year, they issue awards in several categories, as the industry looks on with bated breath. Perhaps the most important award among enthusiasts is the Best Driver’s Car Award. In 2016, Motor Trend awarded the Best Driver’s Car Award to the McLaren 570S.

The Best Driver’s Car Award is only in its ninth year, and this year the competition was the fiercest it has ever been. With 12 cars in the running, it was a large field full of some of the best sports cars that have ever been manufactured. With a total combined horsepower of 6,484, it was tough to call which of these high-performance beasts would take home the crown as the best car for driving enthusiasts.

Tested to the Hilt, the McLaren 570S Reigned Supreme

Following a trend in recent years, both Ferrari and Lamborghini refused to take part and withheld their models from the competition (This might be because they get their tails whipped every year). Fiat did offer up a car, but it was removed because it didn’t stand a chance. In the end, with entries from Chevy, Ford, and the other big names in automobiles, it was the McLaren that took home the prize.


The field had an average cost of over $131,000, 540 horsepower, went 0-60 in under 3 and a half seconds and ran a quarter mile time of around 11 seconds.

The testing and competition took place at California’s world famous Laguna Speedway and the driver/tester was none other than Randy Pobst, who drove each car one lap around the road course.

12 cars entered the competition and Randy drove them like it was the final lap of a championship race. Scores of onlookers and judges jotted notes. Times were recorded and arguments ensued. The debates dragged on into the night and in the end, it was a unanimous decision: McLaren has delivered the best driver’s car in 2016 with the 570S.

With 562 horsepower, 442 foot-pounds of torque and a suspension with group unlike any you’ve experienced before, the McLaren is a super-fast, high-quality sports car that is hands down the best car for drivers you can buy today.

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