Poetry in Motion: Watch the Pagani Huayra Drift on Ice

The Pagani Huayra drifting on ice

The crew of BBC’s Top Gear recently had the opportunity to experience the amazing power of the limited edition Italian supercar Pagani Huayra BC on Sweden’s formidable ice. In the incredible video, you can watch the heart thumping action of slow motion sliding as the Pagani defines the true meaning of poetry in motion.

This latest iteration of the Pagani Huayra is named for creator Horacio Pagani’s first customer and mentor of sorts, Benny Caiola. Pagani has spared no attention to detail in an effort to create a feat of mechanical engineering that pays justice to the man who served as its inspiration.

In designing the Huayra BC, Pagani set out to create the most technologically advanced Huayra Coupé to date while setting the standard for Pagani cars in the future. A simple restyle would not be sufficient, but rather a unique and dynamic personality born of innovative changes would be required. Pagani’s vision was that of a vehicle friendly to the road, but still offering the kind of exhilarating performance that makes it a fierce competitor on the track.

The Unique Pagani Huayra is for True Hypercar Enthusiasts

Pagani’s vision for the Huayra BC included creating the lightest, globally homologated hypercar to date, developing chassis and suspension systems that make the car race-ready, while retaining the comfort of a Pagani. The engineers set out to build a new automated manual transmission system with performance and comfort in mind, while maintaining the desired weight and balance.

The Pagani Huayra BC offers an impressive set of specifications, beginning with the forceful engine: a Mercedes-AMG V12 bi-turbo with 36 valves and a capacity of 5,980cc. It delivers an incredible 789 horsepower and 811 lb.-ft. of torque distributed through all-new tripod drive shafts. Power and torque are transmitted to the wheels via a new 7-speed automated manual transmission mounted transversely to focus mass toward the car’s center for improved turn-in and stability. New electro-hydraulic actuation and carbon fiber synchronizers halve shift times from 150ms to 75ms.

The chassis is a carbon-titanium monocoque, with front and rear frames in chromium-vanadium steel tubes. The artistically designed exhaust system is comprised of titanium, and weighs in at just under 6.4 lbs. The suspension is 4-wheel drive independent double wishbone with adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers. And the wheels are forged aluminum alloy – 20” in the front, 21” in the rear, all wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires. This lightweight supercar weighs in at just 2,645 lbs. – 330 lbs. lighter than its predecessor.

Horacio Pagani’s company has paid great honor to the memory of his friend and mentor Benny Caiola with the creation of the Pagani Huayra BC, a masterpiece that proves a supercar can indeed have a soul.

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