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Porsche Auto Gallery Woodland Hills Refueled for 2017

A letter from the President and COO.

As the Valley’s leading Porsche dealership, we are always looking at ways to improve the service we can offer to discerning customers like yourself.

To this end, we are improving and upgrading our management structure so as to allow a faster reaction and response time to customer requests and suggestions.

We have appointed Garry Palmer as the Operations Director, responsible for maintaining the high standards the Porsche customer of today has every right to expect and receive.

He is committed to providing the class-leading sales and service experience every Porsche customer deserves.

Garry is supported by Don Skuta as Director of Sales, responsible for ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and efficacy.

Don Skuta has over 25 years delivering world-class customer sales experiences at Porsche Premier dealerships; so we welcome his addition to The Auto Gallery team.

In charge of the all-important Service department is Don Sucich with Ray Grall, the Parts Manager; both long-term members of The Auto Gallery technical team focused solely on making sure your Porsche is maintained in tip-top condition.

Also, you as the owner will receive first class customer service at all times.

The following are the email addresses for the key people mentioned above, so please feel free to reach out to them with any suggestions or queries you may have as to how we can improve our offerings to you now and in the future; they will welcome the chance to assist and discuss with you.

Garry Palmer – garryp@theautogallery.com – 772.240.1797
Don Skuta – donskuta@theautogallery.com – 954.646.3628
Don Sucich – dons@theautogallery.com – 818.974.2649
Ray Grail – rayg@theautogallery.com – 818.645.6228


Barry M. Frieder
President and COO
Potamkin Automotive Group

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