Porsche Bids a Fond Farewell to the Audi Le Mans Team

Screen shot from Porsche's farewell to Audi commercial

Usually when two rivals come together it means war, but this wasn’t the case when Audi became a sibling to Porsche as they came together under the VW Group.

In fact, most sports car enthusiasts of a certain vintage will remember the 2014 welcoming video that Audi’s marketing department created to herald the return of their old nemesis Porsche to Le Mans. The video saw a sporty Audi racing car and a reliable Porsche tractor driven by a farmer. The Audi passed the ancient Porsche tractor, leaving tire marks that read “Welcome Back.”  It was a memorable moment welcoming the world’s leading sports car brand back to Le Mans. Now, Porsche is returning the favor, so to speak.

With Audi leaving Le Mans, the marketing team at Porsche put together their own heart-touching video to bid the brand farewell. The video reminds us of the history between these two giants and reminds us just how great the two brands are at what they do.

Porsche: “Come Back” Audi

In the new video created by Porsche, the farmer is still puttering along in his reliable Porsche tractor with a newsman announcing that Audi will withdraw after eighteen years of successful racing at Le Mans. The farmer stops and looks astonished, then decides to turn back while Joe Cocker starts to sing “Up Where We Belong.” He reaches the tire marks previously left by the Audi racing car and starts to scrub them off, leaving the words “Come Back.”

This video shows that there are no hard feelings between the two world-leading brands once Audi decided to devote their attention to Formula E racing. Porsche will continue on leading and dominating at Le Mans.
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