Porsche Connect: Synergy Between Car, Technology and Driver

Porsche Interior

Porsche Car Connect, or simply, Porsche Connect is an infotainment service offered by Porsche to the owners of its luxury car brand. Porsche Connect links you to your car through its interactive dashboard. Via the mobile app, available at iTunes and Google Play, you can enjoy the ease of connecting to your vehicle using your smartphone.

The apps and services enhance the Porsche driving experience. There is the expected navigation system to help you get from place to place, but Porsche Connect extends this idea by allowing you to plan your journey and mark your points of interest before even sitting in the car. Using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can plan your day in the comfort of your home or office, and automatically send the route to your Porsche.

Keep Tabs on your Porsche with Porsche Connect

Using Porsche Connect, you can check on your car wherever you are. Using a smartphone or watch, you can remotely check the doors and windows, monitor the fuel in your car, or get a map to your vehicle’s location. You can set up Porsche Connect to inform you by push notification if your car moves its position.

With an Apple device, you can concentrate on the road while having Siri read your incoming messages to you. Porsche Connect allows you to keep up with the latest news and sports, tailored to your interests.

Porsche is the first name in luxury sports cars, known for its top quality and performance. Now it’s the top name in smart-enabled vehicle safety and entertainment, too. Porsche Connect is simply the most feature-rich and user-friendly vehicle connection system available today. It’s no real surprise that Porsche is at the forefront of vehicle connectivity.

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