Porsche launches Outstanding Educational Training Project for Young People

Porsche launches educational training project for young people

Apart from their stellar reputation as one of the best sports car manufacturers ever to have graced the planet, Porsche is determined to give back to the community by changing the lives of others.
Through their exceptional new training program, Porsche wants to change the futures of young people in need by offering them the opportunity for better career goals.

More than 75 socially disadvantaged young adults will be given the chance to change their lives and achieve their career goals through a program provided by the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center in South Africa, starting in mid-2017. The three-year training program will cover a wide range of basic and technical skills that will prepare them for excellent job opportunities, not only at Porsche but at any of the affiliated brands at VW Group. Surely, there will be a lot of competition for these jobs. Working with a big company always looks good for future career paths. Due to this, it’s probably wise of candidates to follow a modern resume template to ensure that their application catches the eye of the recruiter. These sorts of job opportunities don’t come around often, so it’s vital to impress the employer initially with an organized resume.

New Porsche Youth Training Program Expands on Asian Center’s Prototype

This training program is a part of Porsche’s policy to give back to the community. It has been preceded by another initiative undertaken by their training center in Asia. Since 2008, socially disadvantaged young people have been training as sales and bodywork technicians, with the program focusing on recruiting staff members for Porsche dealerships. Many industries are looking into further training programs in a similar vein to this, with some opting to hire companies such as Impel Dynamic for the task.

Trainees can join the program in three different ways. If someone is already qualified, they can directly join the mechatronic training program for a 24-month training program. If they lack the appropriate qualifications, they can join an initial 6-to-8 week life skills course. If they lack those basic skills, they can join a one-year preparation course that will set them on the right track to joining the Porsche training program in the future.

Porsche has proven once again that they care about more than just sales figures. These initiatives will enable young trainees to benefit from long-term career prospects, changing their lives and enabling them to provide for their families.

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