Porsche Opens Its Doors To Reveal The Future Of Sports Cars

91 Porsche and Fascination Sports Cars Exhibit

Porsche opened a special exhibit in Berlin, Germany, today—“Fascination Sports Cars—The Future of Performance.” The exhibit is made up of seven select show cars at the “DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum,” which includes the new 718 Boxster’s initial Bavarian reveal. This is the first time Porsche has given enthusiasts the opportunity to take an extended look into its brand. Usually, when we look for motoring news uk from the biggest manufacturers, Porsche very rarely give anyone a look beyond the curtain.

The exhibit, which is being used to showcase the future for the automaker, starts off with a bang in the form of the iconic 550 Spyder. The open-air, mid-engine sports car made its mark in the motorsport world in the 1950s and is used as the DNA for the automaker’s future sports cars. Across from this iconic vehicle sits the incredible 918 Spyder. The futuristic hypercar is unlike anything else on the road as it utilizes hybrid technology for the ability to reach blistering speeds. The 918 Spyder was also the first car approved for street use to break the coveted seven-minute lap around the Nurburgring.

While these two cars would stand out in any exhibit, there are more cars on the display, which include a selection of current models. Twenty years after its original debut, the new 718 Boxster made its first official reveal for the first time in Germany. Based on the 718-mid-engine sports car from the 1950s and ‘60s, the new convertible utilizes a turbocharged four-cylinder engine as a nod towards its ancestor.

If there is one car, however, that has become synonymous with Porsche, it’s the iconic 911. Porsche has engineered seven generations of the 911 and has the new 911 Carrera Coupe and Cabriolet models on display in the exhibit. For the first time in the 911’s history, it features a twin-turbo flat-six that makes the sports car more capable than ever.

While the regular 911 is a capable sports car, the automaker’s 911 GT3 RS is a purpose-built supercar that puts an emphasis on track performance. The GT3 RS straddles the line of what’s possible for road-legal sports cars and track-only racing machines for unbelievable performance. Enthusiasts looking to get into a sports car that is incredible on the track will surely be blown away by the GT3 RS.

However, when it comes to motorsports, Porsche has a name that makes its foe’s knees knock and body shiver—and that fear is manifested in the form of the 919 Hybrid display. The 919 Hybrid dominated the 2015 FIA WEC season and won the manufacturers’ title, drivers’ title, and the race at Le Mans. Visitors can explore one of the three winning race cars that is on display at the event.

In addition to these seven cars, enthusiasts can also get an insight into the automaker’s future through technology models and interactive exhibits.

Experience the Future of Porsche Now

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