Porsche Sets New Sales Record in 2016

All Porsche models in a lineup.

Porsche had a great 2016. The company managed to earn record-breaking sales across the globe. The recent introduction of the Macan, the 718 Boxster, and the new Panamera has helped the company draw automobile enthusiasts from across the globe under its banner. The addition of a turbocharged engine in the 718 Boxster that provides more power and torque has rounded off a line of sports cars that no other automobile manufacturer can compete with.

While Porsche has been working on developing faster and cooler sports cars, it has not forgotten its timeless hits like the Porsche 911. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that the 911 made its debut in the 1960s. Since its birth, it has continued to improve and be refined, and it remains one of the most beloved sports cars in the world.

911 GTS models are equipped with a rear-mounted 450 HP engine that make even day job drivers want to tear it up like seasoned speedsters. This timeless classic managed to experience a 2% growth in sales in 2016.

The Porsche 911 did manage to exceed all expectations, but the real hero of this groundbreaking sales rush is the Macan. It managed to clock a whopping 19% growth, earning it the title of best-selling Porsche car in 2016 with nearly 100,000 units sold. The features, power, and style of the Macan series make it stand apart from the rest in its crowded segment.

Porsche Not to Rest on its Laurels

Such amazing results have inspired Porsche to push even harder and introduce cars that affirm its legacy while providing an exciting taste of the future. The coming months are expected to dazzle the Porsche enthusiast with a completely redeveloped Panamera in the USA and China. The Sport Turismo Panamera is also expected to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

With such an amazing response in Atlanta to the Porsche Experience Center, Porsche is planning to dig its roots even deeper in the American market with the opening of a new center in Los Angeles. With an amazing 2016 behind it, the company is seeking to use its existing momentum to become the world’s leading exclusive sports car brand.
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