Porsche’s Commitment to Digital Solutions

Porsche Digital Competence

Porsche AG has launched a new division to promote its digital mobility solutions to the forefront of the premium auto segment. The newly minted subsidiary, called Porsche Digital GmbH, will feature a Digitization Competence Center to turn ideas and visions into action.

Visions Turned into Reality at Porsche Digital GmbH

Porsche wants to elevate the automobile as the central element of a digital lifestyle, creating digital customer experiences that merge experiences both inside and outside Porsche vehicles.

To achieve this goal, three dimensions comprise Porsche digitization: Product, customer, and companies. Trends that provide pathways to relevant technologies will be identified and evaluated. Particular areas of interest are the areas of autonomous vehicles, smart mobility, and connectivity.

Partnerships with relevant internal departments will collaborate to test and implement new value creation models and innovative product offerings. In addition, each department is establishing innovation management practices that catalog and promote ideas across the brand.

Outside of internal partnerships, Porsche hopes to create long-term partnerships with a number of external businesses offering their own digital solutions to form a centralized digital ecosystem of sorts, connecting the world’s innovators.

Opportunities for cutting-edge collaboration in new technologies and high-growth companies come in the form of equity holdings in venture capital funds and start-ups. Incubating new ideas and building upon ideas already developed will help Porsche Digital GmbH realize Porsche’s overall goal of a major innovation offensive.

Thilo Koslowski, formerly of the US IT consulting company Gartner Inc., will lead the new subsidiary. He has a strong background in the automotive, Internet, and technology sectors. While the head office will be located in Ludwigsburg close to Stuttgart, Germany, other sites will be built in China, Berlin, and Silicon Valley.

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