Porsche’s Restaurant 917 Is a Feast for All Your Senses

Porsche 917 restaurant

The experience of driving a Porsche excites all five senses. The feel of the power in your hands as you grip the steering wheel. The sound of the engine roaring. The smell of burning rubber. The sight of the scenery rushing by as you race down the track. The taste of the bacon-wrapped sea scallops … Wait, what?

It’s not widely known or heavily advertised, but tucked away at the Porsche Experience Center just outside of Los Angeles is Restaurant 917, named for the iconic race car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Here, guests can enjoy a gastronomical experience unlike any other, eating chef Matt Lee’s menu of diverse flavors, while just on the other side of the glass wall, 911s, Panameras, and Boxsters race around the Porsche performance track.

From the Porsche 911-shaped pats of butter to the $18 “917 Burger,” the menu is designed to be as well-constructed as the iconic engines themselves. Chef Lee is committed to his craft, even sourcing all of his ingredients from within a 200-mile radius. The cocktails are also Porsche inspired, with choices including the Targa—a delicious blend of Maker’s Mark, muddled blackberries, and other herbs and spices.  Not to be missed is an exquisite blend of mescal and juices known as the 916.

Opening in 2016, the restaurant’s clientele consists almost exclusively of Porsche employees and those who come to take part in the driving experience, but as word gets out about the wonderful food, many locals are making Restaurant 917 a regular stop for lunch or a special occasion for dinner.

The Adventure Begins at The Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills

After your visit to The Auto Gallery, treat yourself to a meal at Restaurant 917 and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow Porsche enthusiasts. The best way to keep up on local and international Porsche news is to subscribe to our newsletter.

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