Porsche’s Walk on the Wild Side: Magnus Walker

Screenshot of Porsche fading in with Magnus Walkers nickname: Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker does not look like your average Porsche restoring powerhouse, to say the least. An old beanie sits atop long dreadlocks. A long scraggly beard leads you to a tattered plaid shirt. Grease stained jeans full of holes float over a pair of old, well-worn leather rock star boots.

This is Magnus Walker.

And his attention to details makes him a world-class Porsche Restorer.

Porsche has a new face, and its shod in dreadlocks.


Magnus Walker has a similar story to other Porsche enthusiasts: from a very young age, Magnus fell in love with Porsche. He knew he loved the cars. He knew he wanted one. But it’s when Magnus grew a bit older that his story started to change a bit.

He began to buy clothes from thrift stores, then add his own designs. Through this venture, he founded Serious Clothing. And from there, he opened other businesses with his wife that now fund his serious Porsche addiction.

What makes Magnus’ creations so special is his attention to detail. The exclusivity also helps. Magnus rarely sells his cars. When he does, they go for big money. From his custom tail lights, to his drilled door handles to his front indicators, Magnus knows how to create an overall look of elegance and speed—and he likes his details.

The interior of his cars are as unique as the exterior. Magnus is all about the look and feel of the car. Each one is unique. He takes great care in wearing the leather in, working it soft, making sure it looks like it was installed the car was new.

His artistic details comes right down to the wheels he uses. He used classic Porsche wheels for a long time. Fifteen52 approached Magnus and wanted to design a new wheel with him. Together, they came up with a cool modern spin on the classic vintage Porsche wheel.

Magnus has made some truly unique, true-to-Porsche-heritage machines. He has a talent for customizing his own cars … and turning heads.

If you like what you see and would like to add your own personal twist to your Porsche, stop by the Porsche Auto Gallery of Woodland Hills. We will help guide you to your own Porsche classic.

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