Purchase a Used McLaren as an Investment – and for Fun!

A silver McLaren MP4-12C in a lot.

McLaren Racing Limited, also known as McLaren-Honda, is a British company producing some of the finest Formula One racing cars and production supercars available today. The company was founded in 1963 by New Zealand native Bruce McLaren. Bruce drove his own automobiles in Formula One races, and he had a strong sense of what made for a superlative sports car.

McLaren Dominates Formula One

The initial model produced by McLaren and crew was the M2B, which was quickly overtaken by the much better M4B and other models. Using the M4B, Bruce won the Belgian Grand Prix in 1968, and his team would go on to dominate Can-Am racing from 1967 to 1971. From there, the fame of the McLaren marque would spread, and the line gained the respect of famous drivers such as Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt.

McLaren’s Legacy Grows and Grows

The driving force behind the success of the M7A model was the powerful DFV engine, which would be used in McLaren models until the 1980s. McLaren automobiles accompanied winning drivers in Grand Prix races around Europe, South America, and Canada.

In 1982, a turbocharged engine was added to the McLaren line in order to compete with similar innovations from companies such as Renault and Ferrari.

Honda became involved with the company in 1986, and McLaren race cars were thereafter equipped with Honda engines and linked with that company’s name. The company later worked with Mercedes on new models, and McLaren automobiles continue to win races today. Production vehicles based on the Formula One cars wowed automotive enthusiasts the world over and sold as quickly as they could be manufactured.

The Pleasure of Owning a Used McLaren

The reliability of a McLaren has been described as similar to that of regular Honda models, making it one of the best brands to choose for a used purchase. Many owners claim that a McLaren is the most reliable automobile to be found in its market. Models such as the 12C and the Spider are powerful, durable, and road-ready, and used McLarens can be purchased for a significantly reduced price while still being an excellent investment. Certainly, the pleasure of ownership of a McLaren automobile makes it worth the price tag.

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