Rare Porsche and Ferrari Cars Drag Race in San Antonio

Drag Strip in San Antonio

Since the dawn of automotive time, Porsche has been going head to head with its Maranello rival – Ferrari. With the launch of both the LaFerrari and 918 Spyder, the rivalry only grew stronger. Sure, the McLaren is a competitor too, but the legendary fight between the two giants is what everyone wants to see and read about.

Obviously, you can’t just race these two monsters on a public road. With a total combined output nearing 2,000 horsepower from the large V12 in the Ferrari and the racing-derived V8 in the Porsche, along with the electric motors assisting the hybrid powertrains, anyone looking to race these two giants has to take them to the track.

Ferrari V12 vs. Porsche V8 Head to Head

This is what the fine gentlemen in this video decided to do. They took a standard LaFerrari and a standard 918 Hybrid, put them on the San Antonio Raceway in Texas, and let them go all out. The video is slightly shaky and a bit blurry, making it hard to read the end trap speeds or indeed the time, but – spoiler alert – it claims the 918 won.

In all honesty, with such a short race, it’s all about who gets the jump. The 918 will clearly best the LaFerrari in a shorter race due to its all-wheel drive system providing more traction, but as the distance increases the speed goes in favor of the LaFerrari which boasts more power. The end times showed that. The 918 was faster, but the LaFerrari had a higher top speed. These two mega automobiles will go down in history as legends.

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