Recipe for Continued Success: The Fiat Design

Fiat design outline of interior

The recipe for a Fiat may be ever-changing, but the key ingredients are used repeatedly to deliver a product you love and a quality you trust. The Fiat 500 uses these ingredients and builds on them for a vehicle experience that has been loved for decades.

To capture the history of the well-loved Fiat cookbook, we need to start at the Fiat Centro Stile, a hub of innovation and ingenuity based in Turin, Italy. It’s here, in 1957, that with extensive creativity and passionate design, the Fiat 500 was born.

Fast forward 50 years, and the Fiat is still on the road, still iconic, and still consistently improved upon at the Centro Stile. The current recipe allows for a few variations and additions to suit the needs of different tastes. Modern takes on the classic ride expand the audience of the Fiat 500, but preserves the three necessities for Fiat perfection: style, practicality, and fun.

Bright Lights, Big City

Forget what you think you know about city driving and get behind the wheel of a Panda. The “squircle” design (that’s a square and circle shape hybrid and also a mouthful) means aerodynamics and efficiency. So all that stopping and starting while you’re on the go won’t burn through your fuel as quickly means less time refueling means more time doing.

Stick with the Old

Cruise in style with the newly revamped Fiat 500. Enjoy the familiarity of the iconic style and the comfort of modern automotive advancements. Are you a sucker for the good ole’ days? The new Fiat 500 lets you keep the vintage steering wheel and wheel valve caps, so you don’t have to grow up just yet.

Or, Embrace the New

More of a bigger is better kind of person? Fiat has you covered. The new Fiat 500L features more room, a sunroof and panoramic windows for you and your four passengers. Love the look, love the space and ride in style with the bigger, badder Fiat 500L.

Picked your favorite yet? Head over to The Auto Gallery website and take a look at your next new ride.

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