Simply Stunning: The Incomparable McLaren 570GT

White McLaren MSO 570GT

Since 1963, the UK-based McLaren Racing Limited has always produced top-of-the-line race cars. Founded by New Zealand racer Bruce McLaren, the company has over the years produced some of the world’s most prestigious high-performance models. This year, McLaren has released the 570GT luxury sports car, a vehicle which is already proving itself a showstopper.

The 570GT is the third and newest model to be released in the McLaren Sports Series. The first was the 570S coupe, released in early 2015. The second, the 540C, was unveiled in April of 2015.

This car sports a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, and it also features a number of upgrades and improvements. The 570GT’s design is focused on luxury and long-distance comfort as well as raw power.

Styling and Exterior – Luxurious with Race Car Grace

The exterior of the McLaren 570GT suggests the aerodynamic, dramatic lines of a race car but with a flawless, smooth curves. The chassis and contoured front end are lightweight carbon fiber, which has been in use in McLaren automobiles since the MP4 Formula One car in the early 1980s. The design is low-slung (thanks to the engine being mounted behind the driver) which helps with drag resistance as well as visibility.

The 570GT features a panoramic roof, making for a higher roof than some of the other McLaren Sports Series models while affording the driver an excellent view of their surroundings. This roof is also longer and extends further to the rear of the car, which creates useful storage space as well as a comfortable ride.

Outstanding Performance

The power center of this vehicle is its all-aluminum, 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which clocks in at an impressive 562 horsepower with 443 lb.-ft. of torque. The transmission is a 7-speed SSG which can be used in manual or automatic mode.

The GT cast alloy wheels on this McLaren sports car are equipped with exclusive Pirelli P-Zero tires that provide all-season performance and even reduce road noise. Pirelli’s proprietary noise-reducing foam technology helps make long trips quieter.

Interior and Features

The interior shouts ‘luxury’ from first glance. The driving position has been maximized as much as possible, with a clean interior, a center console, entertainment system with 7-inch touchscreen and Bowers & Wilkins professional sound system, and leather trim all around. The plush seats can be heated at the touch of a button, and they adjust automatically to the optimal driving position.

The 570GT comes with optional luggage – luxurious hand-made leather in black or tan. The luggage is made to make use of the storage space afforded by the panoramic hood. All of this plus a power-adjustable steering column, rearview camera, and other exclusive features make the 570GT a top choice amongst luxury sports cars.

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