Singer’s Retro Porsche 911s – Which do you Prefer?

Interior of the Singer 911 Minnesota

Singer Vehicle Design, founded in 2009 by Rob Dickinson, is dedicated to what many consider a dying art: the beauty of the classic automobile. Dickinson, who began his career as a musician in the band Catherine Wheel, is now the sole founder and creative director of the company. Their mission statement proudly proclaims that the owner aims to preserve and improve quality vehicles and give older designs a revamp through modern techniques. Since its launch, the company has been driven to restore a Porsche 911, to enhance further an already iconic vehicle.

They premiered their latest offerings at the Quail Motorsports Gathering, two beautiful 911s in orange and gunmetal gray. The orange Targa is called Luxemburg and the gray goes by Minnesota. While both are equally exquisite, they are quite different in style.

The Two Singer Porsche 911 Contenders

Luxemburg is all flash and show. This car features multi-color leather seats composed of two different shades of orange, four shades of blue, and one cream all woven together in a unique pattern that also covers the dash and door panels.

The car is just as impressive under the hood, boasting a rear-mounted, air-cooled, flat six engine with 4.0 liters. It’s a perfect vehicle to remove the carbon fiber roof panel and let the wind blow through your hair as you cruise down the highway.

Minnesota might not be quite as eye-catching, but those who prefer understated elegance will appreciate it more. The interior is covered in a luxurious, buttery brown leather, which complements the glossy silver exterior. It also features an air-cooled engine, this one a 3.8-liter built by Cosworth.

Although not as audacious as its brother, Minnesota is every bit as impressive on the track and claims an impressive 350 horsepower. You really can’t go wrong when making a choice between the two. It’s simply a matter of taste, and actually, the vehicles share an owner as well as a designer.

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