Step Into Your Dreams at the Porsche Driving Facility in LA

Porsche racing at high speed with blur motion

If you have ever imagined getting behind the wheel of a Porsche and taking it to its limits, you may think you have to go to Germany and hit the Autobahn. Those days are over. You no longer need to daydream about the experience of getting in a Porsche and putting pedal to the metal, thanks to the new Porsche Driving Facility in Los Angeles, California.

This amazing driving experience, brought to you by Porsche, gives you a way to let your hair down and have some real driving fun. Get out from behind a computer screen and pilot a real Porsche, feeling its incredible power and excellent handling. Choose your favorite Porsche model and take on any of the eight different driving modules.

Costing $60M to build, the Los Angeles Porsche Driving Facility is the second in the U.S., the first being in Atlanta. Porsche is now building a third in Shanghai.

LA Porsche Driving Facility Amenities

The facility has two handling circuits, an ice hill, an off-road course, dynamics area, launch control and acceleration straightaway, low-friction handling circuit, skid pad, and a hydraulic kick-plate. Plenty of excitement for even the most avid daredevil, to be sure. Just remember not to drive as fast once you get back on the regular roads, as you might receive a traffic ticket. When it comes to finding a traffic school california has a few on its doorstep, but if you can avoid getting a traffic ticket in the first place, then you can save yourself the worry of needing to get a traffic ticket dismissed.

The auto company that has brought you top quality and luxury sports cars for over fifty years now brings you the chance to drive a Porsche in the way it was meant to be driven. Fast. This incredible course is right off the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and is open to the public.

The complex is breathtaking. At 20 hectares, it’s no pokey circuit track, and it includes a 6.5-kilometer development and test track. When you get behind the wheel of a beautiful Porsche, expect to feel a bit intimidated by the raw power at your fingertips.

Finally, you will have the chance to let go and just drive, drive, drive. Whether you want some adventurous fun and challenging terrain, or you are a speed demon who just wants to go fast, the Porsche Driving Facility in LA has something for you.

The Porsche Driving Facility in Los Angeles is located at 19800 South Main Street, Carson, California, 90745.

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