Taking the Porsche Panamera to Its Limits

2017 Porsche Panamera

Each Porsche goes through a series of tests designed to test the features that make the car interesting and unique. The Porsche Panamera is a wonderful example. This four door vehicle was put through the ringer in South Africa. The test fleet was run on dry, hard soil, flat surfaces, rocky ground, and even deep potholes that shook the occupants.

This type of testing is common in all Porsche vehicles as the brand believes in testing each car to make sure it meets the needs of the driver and the expectations of consumers as well. Engine, transmission, operating concept interiors, chassis, everything is tested to make sure that the car is perfect and that it fits every possible expectation that could be put on it.

Each car is tested under exceptional conditions, conditions that most people will never see in a lifetime. This helps engineers find kinks, hiccups, and hitches that need to be tweaked and fixed before the car goes into final production to be released to the public.

After the testing is complete and the data has been collected, engineers take the data back to the drawing board to fix any issues that may have popped up during testing. Did the chassis have too much movement? Did the traction feature not engage properly? All the issues that appear will be reworked so that the new version of this stunning vehicle meets every possible expectation of future drivers.

The Panamera’s Specs

The new Panamera has three engines: A  550-horsepower, a 440-horsepower, and a 422-horsepower twin-turbo diesel option. There are two plug-in hybrid variants coming. All use Porsche’s excellent 8-speed PDK dual clutch transmission.

The Porsche brand has long been known for style, integrity and superb cars and they are not ready to give up that distinction. Porsche puts the new Panamera through the ringer just like all its other vehicles. Check out the Auto Gallery newsletter for more information about the Panamera and other Porsche models.


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