Test Drive the Radical McLaren 570S in Beverly Hills, California

McLaren 570S

At first glance, the McLaren 570S may seem to be an economized version of the 650S, and in a sense, it is. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that the 570S is an excellent thrill machine at an affordable price. With the substantial savings afforded by the 570S, you might expect to lose some of the luxuries of higher priced models. However, according to Autoweek’s review of the 570S, this model is “still more fun to buy than a Ferrari 488 and a lot more fun to drive than an Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracán, or most any Aston Martin.”

The basic profile of the 570 is the same as the 650.  In addition, they also share the same carbon fiber tub, the difference being the door sill in the 570S is cut down to allow easier egress and ingress. The new exterior doesn’t allow for any lift but has an aerodynamic downforce that is comparable to mechanical anti-roll bars and independent shocks.

According to McLaren, these changes give the 570S a “better, more lively feel.” The fenders are stamped aluminum, and the 570S maintains the same wheelbase as the 650. The 570S runs a “3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 [with] 30 percent bespoke parts and the turbos are unique to the car,” McLaren says.

According to Autoweek, “McLaren engineers pointed out the 570S also gets: new cam phasers that change the timing and ignition, almost all-new software for the engine management and gearbox shifting, and new oil pump, exhaust manifold, injectors and a revised air inlet. Regardless, at less than full throttle and through most of the rev range, you might not really notice the difference in horsepower.”

Schedule a Test Drive Like No Other in the McLaren 570S

Despite the comparisons to the 650, the McLaren 570S holds its own with testers. reviewer Aaron Bragman calls the 2016 McLaren 570S a “racecar for the street, serving up dramatic speed, incredible ability, outrageous styling and a quirky character that makes it intensely desirable. Other supercars are more comfortable, some are more advanced and a few have better electronics, but few can stop onlookers dead in their tracks like this one can.”

Car and Driver has called the McLaren 570S “a machine that lives for the edge of grip, pleading to be pressed harder, driven in deeper, and throttled sooner. And it is spectacular.” High praise indeed.

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