The 2016 Porsche Panamera Is in a Class of Its Own

The Porsche Panamera, BMW 7 Series, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are different cars. That might sound obvious, and it is in certain ways like brand and design. A similarity between them all is that, usually, they are quite expensive to buy brand new. However, there are second hand Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes, as well as a range of other used cars for sale, at websites like Autozin and others similar. Despite pricing, the differences between these cars is less obvious in subtler ways, like appeal.

If you’re shopping for a full-size luxury sedan, these cars might come up within the same paragraph. While the BMW and the Mercedes-Benz can be named in the same breath, the Panamera deserves separate consideration. Of the three, it’s the only car that maintains the spirit of the driver – the spirit of Porsche.

Sure, you might be able to buy an AMG with a V12 that puts out over 700 foot pounds of torque, but it needs that kind of force to budge its massive curb weight. The Panamera is lean at 3,900 lbs., and the choice of two naturally aspirated engines will give you pure power without being weighed down by pomp and circumstance.

The 7 Series might give its backseat passengers more legroom than they know what to do with, but Porsche understands that the best seat should still be the one in front, behind the wheel. The Panamera isn’t content to be an ordinary limousine, which isn’t a knock on its resplendent interior. It’s a genuine sport sedan that will quicken your pulse when you hear the engine come to life and turn your knuckles white when you’re taking a tight corner.

This is a car for you to drive, not your chauffeur.

The Beauty of the Panamera: A Porsche for the Day-to-Day

Driving a Panamera means you don’t sacrifice any of the joy you get from driving a Porsche. The DNA of the Boxster or the Cayman is preserved in this model, but where they differ is in practicality.

This is the perfect car to liven up a routine commute. It’s as capable on the weekdays as it is on the weekends, and it’s an excellent choice for Porsche owners with a family to take care of. You won’t need to worry about securing a child’s seat in the back thanks to the LATCH mounts, and the cargo area gives you plenty of room for groceries. You can even fold down the back seats to transport larger objects should the need arise.

We maintain a full inventory of new Panamera models at Porsche Auto Gallery Woodland Hills. This is a car that comes in a variety of trims and configurations, and the experts in our showroom are more than happy to discuss which version will suit you best. Please call our dealership if you want to schedule a test drive. We’re looking forward to your visit.

2016 Porsche Panamera 2016 BMW 7 Series 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Range of MSRP $78,100 – $263,900 $81,300 – $97,400 $95,650 – $224,650
Trims Panamera, Panamera Edition, Panamera 4, Panamera 4 Edition, Panamera S, Panamera S E-Hybrid, Panamera 4S, Panamera 4S Executive, Panamera GTS, Panamera Turbo, Panamera Turbo Executive, Panamera Turbo S, Panamera Turbo S Executive, Panamera Exclusive Series 740i Sedan, 750i Sedan, 750i xDrive Sedan S550 Sedan, S550e Plug-in Hybrid, S550 4MATIC Sedan, S600 Sedan, AMG S63 Sedan, AMG S65 Sedan



Horsepower 310 – 570 320 – 445 436 – 621
Torque 295 – 553 lb.-ft. 330 – 480 lb.-ft. 479 – 738 lb.-ft.
Displacement 3.6 – 4.8 3.0 – 4.4 4.7 – 6.0
Type V6 engine

V8 engine

Turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine

Turbocharged V8 engine

Turbocharged V8 engine

Turbocharged V12 engine

EPA City 15 – 18 mpg TBD 13 – 17
EPA Highway 24 – 28 mpg TBD 20 – 26



Transmission 7-speed PDK

8-speed Tiptronic S

8-speed automatic 7-speed automatic
Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive

Active All-Wheel Drive

Rear-Wheel Drive

All-Wheel Drive

Rear-Wheel Drive

All-Wheel Drive



Rear Leg Room 33.3 in. 44.4 in. 43.1 in.
Trunk Volume 15.3 – 15.7 cu. ft. 18.2 cu. ft. 15.2 – 16.3 cu. ft.


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