The Building of a Supercar — the McLaren

McLaren P! in a showroom

If you have seen a McLaren in person and wondered what it takes to make such a splendid vehicle, you quickly realize that the process must be long and require serious dedication and devotion. The McLaren name is known for pure power and speed. To witness the manufacturing of one of these legendary cars, we have to go all the way to the factory in Woking, England.

A McLaren is carefully designed and built in a painstaking and meticulous process. The designers and engineers gather and think of ways to improve upon their current design. They decide which new features could be added to make the McLaren an even better car and begin to draw up the plans and ideas. As they are approved and released, a manufacturing strategy will decide what will best be done in-house and which processes should be outsourced. Each and every single part is designed this way, ensuring a standard of perfection.The new McLaren is off and running.

A McLaren is Born

Next it becomes a game of logistics. It’s a matter of 16,000 parts being designed, ordered and completed, and then returned to the factory so the team can assemble the new McLaren. Assembly is a fairly quick process when all of the parts are in the factory. McLaren puts out one car every hour that the factory is on line. It all starts with a MonoCell, or one-piece shell, that is essentially the body of the car. The MonoCell is made of a composite carbon-fiber, which is very strong and extremely durable. From there, the McLaren is assembled mostly by hand, although there are some robotic machinery interactions for some of the more tedious tasks, such as tightening down the nuts and lifting the engine.

From start to finish, a McLaren can take a year or more to hit the road. McLaren shows its mastery of the process by rolling out a new model every year.

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