The New Porsche 911 Targa is Arguably the Best Ever

Blue Porsche 911 Targa on a highway.

The Porsche 911 Targa is the perfect option for those who can’t choose between the coupe and the Cabriolet. The top of the roof can be stowed away to enjoy the wind in your hair, but for those days when the weather isn’t cooperating, it can be as airtight and secure as the coupe. Even with the top down, the wind noise isn’t overwhelming.

The Targa is roomy for a sports car, it can accommodate four people in its spacious interior, and the trunk can carry a suitcase and several bags. Supportive seats with a plethora of adjustments make the ride even more comfortable, and the car handles bumpy roads easily, especially if the driver opts for the PASM adaptive suspension.

The New 911 Targa: Engineered for Excellence


For the electronically minded, the Targa is refreshingly simple to use, and the touchscreen is easy to reach and control from the driver’s seat. The system includes Apple CarPlay™, making hands-free music selection or message checking possible without fiddling with your smartphone.

Safety and Fuel

Those who value practicality will appreciate the great visibility offered by this 911, as well as the fuel efficiency it boasts. The standard model with the automatic option demonstrated an impressive 35 MPG, which will translate to at least 30 MPG in the real world. There’s an advanced electronic stability control system that helps the driver maintain control of the car in treacherous conditions, and airbags on every side protect the passengers if a crash is inevitable.

The Driving Experience

Perhaps best of all, the Targa does what a sports car is supposed to do – namely, make you feel like a race car driver. It’s amazingly fun to drive. The steering allows you to pilot the car with ease and it responds immediately to your grip on the wheel. Even the base model can go from 0-60 in under five seconds, and the engine roars in response to your requests for power.

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