The New Porsche Panamera is the Fastest Diesel-Powered Car Ever

The new diesel powered Panamera 4S luxury saloon isn’t content to sit around and look pretty. It’s meeting a far loftier goal – give a hearty welcome to the fastest diesel-powered road car in the world, soon to be available at The Auto Gallery Porsche in Woodland Hills, CA. There are some very exciting changes coming with the Panamera, and these are not just limited to the 4S. Let’s take a peek at some of the early details that are surfacing.

Maximum Performance? Check

While the new Panamera is tamped down by a 155 mph limiter, it actually breaks a lightning fast 177 mph and accelerates from 0-62 mph in a quick 4.5 seconds. Add the Sport Chrono package and you get 8-speed PDK launch control. This drops that speed to just 4.3 seconds, blowing the sibling Cayman GT4 off the road.

The new Panamera amps up the power without sacrificing fuel standards, achieving an economical 42 mpg.

Porsche will introduce two Panamera hybrid models, an entry-level economical version, and a high-end faster plug-in hybrid that stresses the value of performance. The plug-in hybrid offers a natural segue to the Mission E coming in 2019, a powerhouse designed to compete with the likes of Tesla.

Aesthetically Pleasing Technology? Check

The Panamera features an artistic aerofoil into the tailgate, and the new Panamera 4S rear wing offers an even more stunning design that’s sure to turn heads. It’s easily raised for those times spent cruising around town.

The driver’s line of sight gains even more appeal with twin 7-inch screens bookending the chronograph-style rev counter, curving in toward the center, placing the entire gauge cluster in the driver’s sight line in the tech-heavy cockpit.

Taking a cue from the 911 Carrera, the Panamera 4S will include a full-width rear light bar, making sure the personality and presence of Porsche’s stylish new offering is not lost in the dark. Look for this feature to become standard on all Porsche models moving forward.

Comfort by Design? Check

While the Panamera 4S has dropped the roofline a little lower, it’s still surprisingly comfortable for the driver, neither cricking the neck, hemming in at the shoulders, nor limiting headroom. In a family friendly move, expect Porsche to follow up with a Panamera 5-seat, 4-door wagon, with an appearance modeled after the 2012 concept car, the SportTurismo. Look for more trunk space and three rear seats across the back in lieu of the usual two bucket seats.

Porsche is moving full speed ahead with a new standard of keyless entry in the Panamera, replacing the ignition barrel with a twistable flattened knob.

If you’re looking for the comfort of a luxury sedan combined with the performance of a sports car, cast your gaze upon the redeveloped and redesigned Panamera 4S – distinct in character and unrivaled in execution.

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