The Perennial Value of a Vintage Porsche

A red 1955 Porsche 356 B

A vintage Porsche embodies the remarkable genesis of a brand born on the German speedway, then polished and calibrated for a conventional driver. Since 1948, the models have been designated with numbers to indicate the sequence of project numbers as Porsche engineers continued to design road-certified cars. With several decades now passed, the brand recognized by its coat of arms marque continues a tradition of excellence—fostering a passion for the models that first cut the path.

Though dozens of Porsche cars have merited accolades and positive reviews, these models are frequently characterized as the three “greatest of all time.”


In the film industry, original movie titles are commonly the most revered. The best. And, in bucking the norm of automobiles, the Porsche 356—the first Porsche-branded vehicle—is the best. It won motor sports competitions. It was the first to be sold in the United State. Without it, Porsche would not exist.

It’s lightweight construction and fine-tuned performance capabilities heralded a new vigorous fan base on American and European soil for sports cars. And, because of this success, the 356 enjoyed 18 years of production, taking on a number of variants that included the America Roadster, the Speedster, and the “Notchback” 356B.

A Le Mans winner. A Mille Miglia winner. Beautifully crafted. Eternally coveted. It is what the Porsche brand ever aspired to be, accomplished, or can be.

1966 PORSCHE 911S

Despite the preeminence of the 356, many people often associate the Porsche brand with the 911. And there are many incredible 911 models that packed luxury, performance, and technology into a vehicle that continually looked fresh. New. Modern.

Of all the 911s, the iteration that 1966 produced brought to market a most powerful engine and was marked with an S (for “Super”) and enjoyed other perks.

  • Flat-6 engine

  • 158 horsepower

  • Larger brakes

  • Improved suspension

What may be most impressive was Porsche’s ability to take off five pounds from each corner of the vehicle by utilizing five-spoke Fuchs alloy wheels, which have become as much a part of the 911 as its numbered designation itself. In fact, when you hear the name “Porsche,” this model (and these wheels) are likely what you envision.

And that is exactly why it earns a top spot among most automotive critics and novice enthusiasts.


Steve McQueen drove one. And while that is reason enough to place the Porsche 917 in the “greatest ever” list, there’s much more to this model than its starring role in the movie Le Mans. While Mr. McQueen drove one, a single question remains: What drove it?

Answer: Flat-12 engine that produced 620 horsepower. Repeat: 620 horsepower.

Now that’s one hell of a car. And it is the car that earned Porsche its first overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970. Then the 917 did it again the next year. And, despite being retired by the company in 1971, it would continue to dominate for another decade.

So Why So Much Emphasis on Vintage Porsche Models?

Whether it’s a coupe or a convertible, or it saw the ‘60s or the ‘70s, the vintage Porsche has made a lot of noise lately.

Take McKeel Hagerty, for instance. He’s the CEO of Hagerty, a company that insures vintage automobiles. He noticed that of the people who sold a vintage Mercedes-Benz SL, 50% bought a 356 or 911. Oh, and don’t forget about the 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Touring that was bought for nearly $1,000,000.

Auctions continue to demonstrate that Porsche has rising stock as the next major blue chip car. They have jumped from five- to six- and seven-digit numbers in price, including even cars from the early 2000s.

According to Bloomberg, there are three reasons for this, especially when considering the 911s:

  1. These cars are reliable, even more so than other vintage cars (e.g. Jaguar, Aston, Ferrari). Their components are well-built, easily sources, and mechanically simple. They refuse to adhere to the common issue of classic cars being a dysfunctional partner.

  1. These cars have a breadth of entry points for buyers. From five figures to millions, these cars invite people of different backgrounds.

  2. These cars have options. Immaculate paint jobs.Quintessential interiors. Pristine wheels. A number of features and their quality can significantly boost the price of any vintage Porsche.

At Porsche Auto Gallery, we have plenty of experience with vintage Porsches. Our team offers consignment, allowing owners to have us finance the vehicle with the next potential owner using our extensive network of lenders. Best of all: we handle negotiations and ensure that you’re not the victim of a potential scan that many encounter through independent listings.

We even recently sold a 1963 Porsche 356B.

And if you’re one of the lucky owners of this blue chip brand, then we welcome you to contact us regarding the consignment of your vehicle.

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