The Porsche Difference: Steering Wheel Ergonomics

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A sports car is more than just a vehicle that shines on windy roads. It’s a car that urges drivers to enjoy pushing a car to limits and, in exchange, provides them with a highly enjoyable ride. To ensure that drivers enjoy their Porsche at all times, the German automaker has introduced a new GT sport steering wheel to give drivers a whole new experience behind the wheel of a sports car.

Covered in Bordeaux Red Leather with a hand-sewn crossover seem, the new steering wheel is not only a pretty thing to stare at, but it also embodies the very nature of sport. To make the steering wheel distinct, classic black is the primary color on the center pad, while the cutouts, decorative ring, and screw panels are finished in Galvano Silver.

Vehicles fitted with the Porsche double-clutch transmission (PDK) have paddles finished in Galvano Silver behind the steering wheel.

Markus Walters: Porsche’s Steering Wheel Development Specialist

Markus Walters is hoping to expand the amount of options for drivers. “Our goal was to offer as many individual variation options as possible,” stated Walters. “The modular design of the steering wheel now enables an impressive range of options for customization.”

Porsche offers 176 different variants for the 911 alone, which include diameter size, seven different colors, infotainment options, and much more.

Besides its handsome looks, the new GT sport steering wheel also gives drivers more control over the car. When paired with the Sport Chrono package, the steering wheel features a new driving mode switch that enables drivers to change how the car responds. With a simple flick of a switch, this performance vehicle can be changed to Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, or Individual driving mode.

When fitted with the Sport Chrono package and PDK, the steering wheel gets an additional button that alters systems for even greater performance. Pushing the small, black button results in a power boost that lasts for up to 20 seconds and is intended to be used for overtaking maneuvers. The button is inspired by a similar Hot Lap button on the Porsche 918 Spyder.

If that wasn’t enough, the steering wheel also has a Sport Response Button that alters the engine and transmission maximum responsiveness and closes the wastegate in the turbo to help it build boost pressure more quickly. The PDK transmission also goes into a special mode in favor of higher engine speeds.

Thanks to this new steering wheel, drivers behind the wheel of a Porsche are in full control of the sports car. Drivers can now alter a Porsche’s driving characteristics without taking their hands off of the steering wheel. The direct connection between driver and car is now better than ever thanks to Porsche’s GT sport steering wheel.

Master the Road with the Porsche Auto Gallery Woodland Hills

With a new steering wheel that puts more control into the driver’s hand, Porsche has found a way to make its sports cars more enjoyable. At the Porsche Auto Gallery Woodland Hills, we’re here to help find the perfect car for you, and Porsche’s newest addition makes it even easier to get behind the wheel of a sports car and feel right at home.

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