The Porsche Media Driving Academy Gets Journalists Behind the Wheel

Cars on track at Porsche Media Driving Academy

Journalists from Asia Pacific can now take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the performance of iconic Porsche cars at the Porsche Media Driving Academy in Kuala Lumpur. The academy, which was founded in 2015, offers professionally designed courses that consecutively increase in levels of difficulty.

Journalists who join the academy can experience the iconic sports cars up close while improving their driving skills. They can also receive certification that recognises the qualification attained while driving at maximum speed within the safety track. Making for some serious bragging rights, they get to experience the high performance of the premium first class Porsche models before anyone else.

Discovering the Best of Porsche at the Sepang International Circuit

In addition to the required training, the academy also provides a safety uniform. A quick briefing and lecture on racing physics is a part of the individual course for journalists who are participating for the first time. The initial course involves an introduction to the handling of a Porsche by taking it on an easy ride before hitting the brakes at the very last moment. The next station discusses lane changes and safety, where drivers experience how the cars handle unexpected stops.

After improving their driving skills, journalists can advance to the professional course. The most skillful drivers will graduate from the academy with the Elite Course.

These courses show sports cars lovers what their Porsches can really do, all while being away from the restrictions of city limits. The academy offers an eye-opening experience of a new world of possibilities hidden under the hood of the iconic vehicle.

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