The Top 6 Official Porsche Apps to Improve Your Driving Experience

Lineup of Porsche models

Porsche fans and owners alike, ask yourself a question: How well do you know your favorite model?

Some might know their car pretty well. Others might think they know everything there is to know, down to the finest detail and specification. And others still might be new to the brand that embodies German excellence.

The good news is that anyone who wants to know more about Porsche can thanks to a series of mobile apps for smartphone, tablet, and browser. Here follows a rundown of the official Porsche apps along with our recommendations for each.

Good to Know

What it’s for: iPhone, iPad, Android

What it does: This app acts as a personalized user guide for Porsche owners. After downloading it for free, select your Porsche model to download a collection of images, videos, and tips that will help you get to know your car inside and out. The app also lets you search for nearby Porsche dealers via GPS.

Our recommendation: Whether you need to look up what that one button does or locate a dealer for an emergency service visit, this app is a must have. Even diehard fans might learn a thing or two from the searchable feature list.

Porsche iManuals

What it’s for: Web browser

What it does: Similar to the Get to Know app, the Porsche Digital Owner’s Manual will tell you more about your car. These go into even more detail and are a digital version of the hard copy that comes with your car. Using the official portal, you can look up manuals for previous generation models in addition to new cars.

Our recommendation: This is another invaluable resource that you should bookmark right away. You never know when it will be helpful to consult your Porsche’s owner’s manual when you’re not actually sitting in your car. The iManual is also a great backup if your hard copy is ever lost or stolen.

Porsche Vehicle Delivery

What it’s for: iPhone, iPad

What it does: For prospective Porsche customers, this is an app that will allow you to configure and explore your dream car. Featuring panoramic photos, close to 70 videos, and interactive content, you can get up close and personal with the Porsche you want to build without even leaving your home. All information within the app is accessible, so there’s no purchase necessary. However if you want to take the next and most important step, the app can also link you to your nearest Porsche dealer.

Our recommendation: This is a fun app that can help people who are new to Porsche get to know some of the cars they might drive one day. It takes you all the way from configuration to delivery and is perhaps the best all-in-one mobile shopping experience for our brand.

GTS Routes

What it’s for: iPhone, iPad, Android

What it does: Though it’s named for Gran Turismo Sport models, but your car doesn’t need to be that trim level—it doesn’t even need to be a Porsche—to get full use out of this app. If you drive a sports car, you want to download this right away so you can find the best driving roads the world has to offer. Not only can you follow recommended routes, you can also create and share your own routes based on your favorite roads. Share your GTS moments with everyone.

Our recommendation: There’s nothing wrong with using your Porsche as a daily driver, but as an owner you owe it to yourself to get out there and really drive your car. This app will point you in the right direction, and it might change your whole outlook on what your Porsche can do. If you decide to download this, make sure you don’t forget your phone charger—it’s a bit of a battery hog.

Porsche Track Position

What it’s for: iPhone, iPad, Android

What it does: This app is a direct enhancement to the Sport Chrono Package on Porsche 911 GT3, GT3 RS, and Porsche Cayman GT4 models. When in use, the app syncs directly with your vehicle and monitors your performance on the track.

Our recommendation: This is only for drivers with the aforementioned models who are planning to take their car to the track regularly. It’s very cool if you are dedicated to tracking your performance, providing visual displays of your times as well as data you can share with friends and other track car owners.

Porsche Motorsport

What it’s for: iPhone, iPad, Android

What it does: Keep up with the latest news, results, and pictures from the Porsche Motorsport division.

Our recommendation: If you love following Porsche’s racing teams, this is the app for you. Don’t miss out on any of the latest news from the FIA World Endurance Championship and the TUDOR Championship.

Be sure to check out these great apps and resources from Porsche. If you still need tips and information, don’t forget your friendliest resource: the staff at Porsche Auto Gallery Woodland Hills. Feel free to call us or visit our showroom if we can help you with anything. We hope to hear from you soon.

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