The Top 8 Lamborghini Accessories for True Aficionados

Lamborghini wheel

A Lamborghini, at its core, is a vehicle of pure expression.

It is a luxury automobile, a high-performance sports car, and a work of art. Designed by engineers and crafted by skilled hands, your Lamborghini can take whatever shape you want. For the finishing touches, those remarkable sigils of ownership, you will have to go beyond.

Without further preamble, these are the top 8 Original Lamborghini accessories.

Personalize, Protect, and Enhance with Lamborghini Accessories

Carbon-Fiber-Look Car Cover: You can recognize a Lamborghini by its silhouette alone. This dark carbon car cover proves it. The stretchable material blocks out UV radiation, water, and oil while still allowing the car to breathe. Protect your vehicle from the elements and from passersby.

Lamborghini also sells an indoor car cover, steering wheel cover, and seat covers, all of which can be personalized with your name.

Anti-Stone Chipping Transparent Film: The road is rarely as perfect as your Lamborghini. Protect your car’s finish from rocks and stones that pop up and chip the paint. This protective film is applied by well-trained hands, creating an invisible shield. If you travel without it, you may need a clear coat repair to make it look brand new again.

Rims: All Lamborghini rims are designed in Sant’Agata and forged from a single piece of aluminum. Choose from a dozen styles to find the rims that are right for your car. No matter what you pick, your Lamborghini will be lighter and faster as a result.

Transparent Engine Bonnet Kit: Take the bull by the horns, they say. They might not be so brash if they could see the bull’s beating heart. This transparent hood lets you show off the hand-crafted engine at the heart of your Lamborghini. Gallardo owners can also have LED lights installed in this arrangement for extra illumination.

Video Recording and Telemetry System: Owners inclined toward the sport of the track will want this suite of accessories to improve their lap times. Two cameras, a microphone, a GPS sensor, and two software programs that can read your Lamborghini’s onboard data will turn you into a better racer, one way or another.

Sport Shock Absorbers Kit with Lifting System: Again, if the world were a perfect place, a Lamborghini could go anywhere. That isn’t always the case, though. Drivers concerned about ground clearance entering certain parking lots or driveways will want to equip their Gallardo with this lifting system. Raise the front axle with the touch of a button and fear no curb.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes: Light and more durable than typical brakes, carbon ceramics help Lamborghini’s engineers in their unending quest to reduce your car’s curb weight. Choose from Black, Yellow, Gray, Orange, and Red brake kits when upgrading.

Personalized Steering Wheel: No point of contact is more important than a car’s steering wheel. The artisans at Lamborghini no this, and that’s why they want your hands to experience comfort, quality, and passion every time you grasp the wheel in your car. The leather will be hand-stitched with care in whatever color you choose.

Customers who wish to go deeper in their customization should download the full brochure of Lamborghini Accessories at this link. Take care to note which accessories are available for the Aventador, the Huracan, and the Gallardo.

If you need help procuring accessories or fitting them to your car, our staff at Lamborghini North Los Angeles will be thrilled to assist you. We would also be happy to discuss pricing and availability for any new Lamborghini models you might be interested in. Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone or through the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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