This Porsche Has Done Over a Million Miles and is Still Going!

Classic Porsche 356

There are many words that Porsche owners use to describe their chosen mode of transport–high performance, luxurious, exquisitely engineered perfection–but rarely does one pair the words reliable, dependable, or durable with the legendary Porsche. All of that changed when Guy Newmark captured the world’s attention by announcing his Porsche 356 had a remarkable 980,000 miles on the clock, making him the owner of the most reliable sports car on the planet.

In 1964, Mr. Newmark received “Blu”, as he affectionately calls her, as a graduation present from his father. While he never considered breaking the million mile mark, he knew from the first mile he drove her that she was more than just a car.  She was a way of life. And just as you do with any long-term relationship, Guy treats Blu with exceptional care, compassion and a regular service appointment every 3,000 miles, which has kept them going strong for almost 50 years.  

Routine maintenance goes a long way

Despite rebuilding the engine three times, and those other fairly standard and routine maintenance tasks, Blu hasn’t given him any issues. When you consider that the average American drives a car 12,000-15,000 miles per year, Blu has carried on at an amazing 20,000 miles per year, popping down to the shop to get groceries, driving to and from work, and cruising the open road on the occasional weekend blast.

Mr. Newmark has no intention of retiring his beloved Blu to a museum or keeping it in his garage. He intends to continue using her daily just as he has for the last five decades. Perhaps he won’t be around to see the next million miles, but Mr. Newmark has no question that Blu has it in her.

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