Video: Classic Porsche 911T Shows Off the Best Tradition

Dash of a 1969 Porsche 911T

True tradition is a practice that works as well today as it did when it was started. Porsche’s oldest tradition is building lightweight rear-wheel drive, rear-engined sports cars. That’s a tradition summarized with the 911, a classic car to trump all other classic cars.


We wanted to take a closer look at the 1969 Porsche 911T, primarily because the opportunity has presented itself, but also because it’s a noteworthy entry in Porsche’s history. And really, you don’t need much reason to appreciate a classic Porsche.

The above video from JBH does a great job of putting the 911T into perspective. There’s a series of establishing shots, showing off the classic design—headlights upright and flanking the front compartment with a gentle slope across the rear engine compartment. The gleaming hubcaps embossed with Porsche’s emblem also appear to be in fine condition.

By the time this car was built, the 911 had been in production for five years. The 911T was an entry level model, replacing the 4-cylinder Porsche 912, which had in turn replaced the Porsche 356. With 125 horsepower, it was slotted below the 911E and 911S, both of which utilized direct fuel injection.

Even so, the Porsche 911T was highly praised for how easy it was to drive, even among laymen. It came at a time where driving any Porsche was almost an act of defiance. A car with the engine mounted in the back? A coupe with only two seats? It’s not to say that these customs were strictly un-American, but they were so unique, so daring that they stood well apart from anything else on the road.

Driving a Classic Car is Its Own Reward

A classic car can require plenty of work to maintain, and driving one takes an adjustment from modern cars with all the helpful systems working in the background. Ultimately, the reward is equal to what you’re willing to put into the car.

Perhaps you watch that video of the 911T, with the 5-speed manual and the quiet whine of the flat-six revving through each turn, and you feel inspired to get in touch with Porsche’s roots. We promise we would never steer you down the wrong path.

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